5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer!

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer!

If you were out perusing the town, you may be able to pick out a photographer in a crowd full of people purely from the fancy camera draped across their neck…

However, contrary to popular belief - the equipment is not responsible for those pictures that last a lifetime! It’s the work of an experienced, professional photographer.

A picture is worth a thousand words and captures beautiful moments in your life with the full vibrance and liveliness of your memories. Whether they are pictures of your loved ones, children, or the night of your wedding, moments as pure as these are essential memories that deserve to be everlasting!

Have you ever seen an old, tattered picture of great-grandma and grandad? Young and in love?

You won’t ever have to worry about the integrity of your photos, or the integrity of your legacy through the use of a professional photographer.

So… What makes a photographer an expert in their field?

Let’s break down 5 factors that make a professional… Well, a professional!

We are ALWAYS three steps ahead!

Professional photographers are well versed when it comes to concepts like lighting, composition, weather, equipment function, and exposure. We anticipate changes to these factors and adapt accordingly, allowing mere moments of opportunity to become art. Effortless and beautiful!


As working professionals, we have invested years of practice into studying and training to develop skills to capture every precious moment. From first looks to farewells, your professional photographer is prepared for the commotion of your wedding day, the unsuspecting waterworks of your guests, and the grace and love in the eyes of newlyweds. Don’t risk a rookie missing your first kiss… Hire a pro to put your mind at ease.

We CREATE experiences!

A professional photographer doesn’t just photograph and dash. We create thoughtful experiences to share between family and friends - capturing the candids and carrying the personality to add pizzazz to your shoot! Reminiscing on photos has so much more meaning when you can feel the emotions waiting in anticipation, booming with laughter, or simply from smiling too hard.


Do you know anyone that is camera shy?! I know I could name a handful… Or two. Professionals guide you (or your party) in comfortable poses to flatter you most and have you feeling your best. Rock that confidence, baby!


When you choose to hire a professional photographer, you are electing for more than just the coverage of your big day. You are paying for the knowledge, creativity, and expertise in crafting beautiful still images of your memories - even moments you may not have experienced firsthand. This includes the liability insurance we pay on our thousand (plus) dollar equipment, and for a very valuable resource... Time. Whether we are taking, editing, or filtering through thousands of images, time is critical and costly.

What can I say? We are ALWAYS 3 steps ahead!

There are a lot of moving parts to create a seamless wedding and make your Pinterest Board dreams come true. And while expenses may add up, a professional photographer is NOT a place to cut corners.

Flowers wilt, champagne loses its fizz, and cake gets eaten but pictures last forever. Please, don’t entrust your wedding day to an amateur.

Invest in your love story with the work of an experienced professional.

Let's meet for coffee, tea, or happy hour to chat about your big love story! 


DK Brittain