Are Senior Photos Important?

Are Senior Photos Important?

Are Senior Photos Important?


Let’s explore the many, many, many reasons why senior photos are important and why should book a senior session.


Senior year is a very exciting and bitter sweet time for parents and young adults. Teenagers are on their way to finding ground in the real world. 


So, let’s commemorate all that has been accomplished and celebrate what the future holds. Senior photos are about celebrating a new stage of life and documenting a milestone that is definitely worth celebrating in many ways. 


What better way is there to freeze this milestone and preserve this moment in time than a senior photo session? 


This is the year you become a legal adult and you will have to start adulting…. Oh no! This is a rite of passage that needs to happen so that you can become the adult you were meant to be… I’m kidding you don’t need photos to become an amazing adult but take advantage of it. 


Parents, you will want to show off your kids and hang your babies proudly on the wall and you will want to gift everyone, seriously, everyone you know with a beautiful print of what has been accomplished! (and hopefully you’ll score some college funds in return…lol)


Celebrate this great achievement with amazing pictures to remember forever!!  We will capture who you are at the moment and the trends you may have set letting your personality shine! Photo sessions are about having fun and showing off your style and uniqueness whether it’s in a special setting that means something to you or a particular place that you like. Your session will be tailored to your preferences wearing however many outfits you want and showing off sports and instrument skills, etc. 


There is only one you and this is your chance to show “You” off! I promise you will regret if you don’t. You and your kids, grandkids, and many generations will be able to look back at them and say OMG Becky look at her butt I mean hair, or I didn’t know Uncle Bob played the sax like me and he looks like Marky Mark. (I just aged myself) 


I still look back at my studio ones and remember that day like it was yesterday. Remember, it’s all about you. 


Even though Senior photos are more than just looking pretty/handsome go ahead and pamper yourself! Ladies go get your hair did, nails done, spa treatment and make-up if you prefer. Gentlemen go get groomed and a massage! 


And when the session is over, go celebrate with a nice meal, movie, bowling, concert, what have you!! Treat yourself b/c you only graduate from HS once, right? This is huge! 

Go get new outfits and glam yourself or find something in your closet that you are comfortable in. I promise we will have fun! 


This one-time opportunity will make so many people happy. This is your chance to model and GQ it. If that’s not your style, then we can keep it low key with some headshots for you to use on your linked in and social media accounts. 


At the end of the session you get to choose the images that scream your vibe. It’s an experience you won’t forget nor regret. 


So you tell me if Senior photos are important? To see the full gallery click here