Back 2 School | Phoenix, AZ

Back 2 School | Phoenix, AZ

10 Ideas for Back 2 School Photos!! Are you a “Bye Felicia” mom with unapologetic goals or the helicopter crier mama that will have cookies waiting on the counter when the juveniles return? I was a bit of both, but I always loved having my boys home with no schedule to follow.

Jackson is starting his 2nd year of college at NAU and Weston will be a Junior in High School. Life flies by too fast and I wish every day I had documented more with my boys! I look back and think I was always trying to make a living and not a life! I don’t want you to do that. Here are 10 ideas to be your storyteller. You’re welcome

1. If your kids are too nervous or don’t like photos, like my boys, don’t over complicate things!! I tend to do this..JUST GET THE SHOT!

2. Get in the shot! There are no rules. Have a genuine authentic moment together eating breakfast or just playing around and jumping on the bed. And of course, include all offspring…lol And then make a collage.

3. Have a bestie check and take 1st day photos with them or fur babies to get those picture-perfect smiles.

4. Go candid. This is a good one if your kiddos aren’t a fan of the camera. Sometimes the best images come to life when the littles or bigs are in their element. I try to sneak photos, but my boys always catch me. Candids are cool and document that exact micro moment.

5. Dress for Success: Have them dress up for what they want to be in the future. I read this in an article and thought it was a terrific and such a cute idea. Have them dress the part for adorable, themed photos.

6. Open shade makes to the best images. Harsh light makes people squint so try and find some nice shade.

7. Print Print Print and display those memories to compare how those scholars have grown over the years.

8. Letter boards, chalk boards, white boards and signs are always good idea. Have them write their own names.

9. Try Time Travel and have your kiddos hold up a picture from the year before. This is such a killer idea.

10. And for all you over achievers. Make it a party and build a backdrop. I’ll just leave it right there.

Now go get that camera and start telling your story and capturing all your family’s charm!!