Complimentary Engagement Session

Complimentary Engagement Session

You’ve said YES to each other, now say YES to your engagement session! Your engagement needs to be celebrated and shared with family and friends. Let’s showcase your LOVE!

Here are some things to think about before booking your session with me!

2. Do something you love.

There is just something special about the outdoors. Do you have a favorite outdoor venue? Do you love hiking or biking? How about a picnic in your favorite park? OR something WILD like a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! Arizona has so many beautiful spaces that this may be the perfect option for you! The possibilities are endless. And when you incorporate something you like to do together, it makes your session that much more exciting personal, and fun!!! Fun is the keyword! Take that theme and let's run with it and have some fun. The point is to showcase something you LOVE to do TOGETHER! - Do you play games, read books, watch sports or walk your dog together? Did you meet in a running group or at a local coffee shop? Photos of this time in your life will always be a reminder of the activities that bonded you together!

Not a fan of the outdoors? Then make yourself at HOME - Do you and your partner love the space that you share? Does it reflect the uniqueness of your relationship? Photos in your living room or your backyard may be your perfect comfort zone for your photo session! Some of us would just prefer to stay home and play games. Chess, monopoly, poker, cards, swimming, cooking, baking, painting!! Again the ideas are endless!!

And guess what?

When you book your Wedding Day with me your engagement photo session is FREE!

Take advantage of this freebie and let’s talk about how we can showcase your wedding day!

Peace~Cheers, DK