Do You Send Holiday Cards


Do you send Christmas or Holiday greeting cards?

Sending greeting cards is a timeless tradition that most people look forward to all year long and brings smiles! If you are wondering if you should send cards out this year, here are 4 reasons why you should send them this year!!!

  1. Spread the Holiday Joy and the Magic of Christmas.

Do you get excited when you receive something in the snail mail besides bills and junk? Cards automatically bring your friends and loved ones joy and make people smile with heartfelt messages and sentiment. The anticipation of opening a holiday card brings a rush of excitement.

    2. Update your family photo!

This one is of course my favorite because you keep me in business and I love telling your story. Freshen up those memories and showcase your beautiful family with updated photos. Show off how your kids have grown or that new fur baby you adopted with new family images. Your friends will appreciate it and your photos will look perfect on your walls.

3. Reconnect with family and friends while updating your address book.

This is a chance to update addresses while keeping in touch with long distant relatives you never get to see and long lost friends that have moved. A thoughtful card with a handwritten note to great grandma and grandpa and will bring happiness to them. Make sure you simplify your process with pre-printed address labels.

4. Networking and marketing opportunity and to show your gratitude.

Sending holiday cards is a great way to keep you fresh in people’s minds. A friendly card is a perfect way to show your appreciation for them. Gratitude is a positive emotion and it helps keep us focused on what’s good in our lives and thankful for what we have.

There are so many ways to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, but you will never go wrong with a card. And, they don't have to be expensive. You can send it separately, pair it with a gift or hand deliver. Greeting cards will also serve as a cute holiday display to decorate a mantle or wall with a card garland. Whichever direction you decide, don't underestimate the power of sending a card. Hopefully it will bring peace and joy (if they want to hear from you….lol.) I kid! Of course they do!!!!

If you are wanting some creative or custom templates, check out my product catalog here. If you have taken photos with me this year I will put the card template together for free with the images you want. Message me for a quote. There are different styles that vary in pricing.


DK Brittain

Do You Send Holiday Cards