Elopement Photographer

Elopement Photographer


Traditionally eloping meant running away with your partner and getting hitched without parental consent. But that definition has changed, the modern-day definition is tying the knot with the two of you and/or a small group of people. Still intimate but without the secret. The same is for micro-wedding and small intimate weddings. All these terms can be used synonymously which simply means “small escape.”

Adventure elopements are a quest for having an epic wedding experience by doing what you love to do. It’s not just running to the courthouse, it is celebrating that day on top of a mountain, hiking, zip-lining, in the most beautiful corners of the world. Under a waterfall, on the beach, or in forest. This is a way to spend all that hard-earned money on an amazing experience rather than the cost of a venue and décor.

There is no right or wrong way of celebrating your special day. It is your day, and you can do whatever you dang well please (assuming it’s legal…lol.)

Arizona Marriage Requirements:

· Arizona Marriage License

· Officiant

· 2 witnesses but not including your officiant. My associate and I can be your witnesses too.

  • Both parties must be 18 or older
  • You do NOT need to be an Arizona resident to apply for a marriage license in Arizona.
  • Both parties must be present to apply for your marriage license
  • There is NO waiting period and the marriage licenses are valid for 1 year after receiving it
  • You are required to mail the license to the courthouse within 30 days of your ceremony to be properly recorded
  • Cost for a marriage license in Arizona is $70-$86 depending on the county due at the time of application
  • When applying, you’ll need a valid ID for both parties (ex: Driver’s license, passport, military ID)
  • Social security numbers must be provided
  • See all requirements for Maricopa county here.

Your officiant can be a friend who’s been ordained online, or you can hire one of the many wonderful officiants here in Arizona to perform your ceremony!

If you need help planning one of these, I am here for questions. There are so many beautiful places in AZ, but I would love to travel!!!!

This Elopement was at the Salt River and it was perfect!!!