Josh & Tiffany || Arizona Engagement

Josh & Tiffany || Arizona Engagement

I met Josh and Tiffany when a friend of mine referred them to me for their engagement photos. I am so glad she did because look at the intense love and admiration that was

captured! Most couples I photograph are shy or awkward in front of the camera, but it didn't take long for Josh and Tiffany to warm up. Catching candid moments like these ones

you're about to scroll down to see, are what makes my sessions so successful and fun! We had a blast being awkward, silly and true. Typically men aren't huge fans of being

photographed, but Josh was a trooper and I was able to witness and document true love in true moments. True love doesn't come to you, ture love comes from inside of you.

It certainly came from inside of them both! True love lasts and has no ending. Peace!