Gilbert, AZ Senior Session

Gilbert, AZ Senior Session

Holidays are approaching very fast! And for all those high school seniors out there, how does that make you feel? You are getting closer to graduation where your life will change forever. No more high school routines, although this year was anything but a normal routine right!?

1. Here are a few things to do before graduation. Show up and have fun! You don't know what you got until it's gone! Don't under-appreciate the monotony of walking the halls and familiar faces. You will never get these moments back. Savor the present and enjoy the experience of it all.

2. I'd say Break your regular routine, but with all that has happened this year, I think we accomplished that. But if you haven't done something you want to try, now if your time. Attend a sports game or band concert. Join a club or say hi to someone you don't really know but have seen all 4 years in class or halls. I promise you won't regret it.

3. Write something sentimental in everyone's yearbook you sign. DO NOT just write something lame like. Have a great summer or it's been nice knowing you. Your peers deserve to know how much they have meant to you along the journey. And you'll get some nice note back too.

4. Share your contacts... it's who you know right :) ? Face will fade into the background, but you never know what your future brings. It's a small world and these high school connections might come in handy. You never know if someone will need your help or vice versa.

5. Hand write thank you letters. They are so personal. Take a week where you write a letter a night to someone that has influenced you. I guarantee you will make your teacher's day!!! 

There are my 2 cents! Happy Senior year! To see the full gallery click here.