Hey Mama! Check out the 5 NEW trends in maternity photoshoots!

Hey Mama! Check out the 5 NEW trends in maternity photoshoots!

A maternity photoshoot is designed to document and celebrate the new precious life growing in you. Photo sessions can focus on different aspects of your pregnancy. Three fabulous options are:

An ANNOUNCEMENT photo session. All of the photos focused on an announcement party or you and your family photos are taken to announce your soon coming little one.


Take photos where you are around 32 - 36 weeks in your pregnancy and the center of attention is your baby bump.

The third option is the GENDER REVEAL.

Whatever you decide you might want to keep the latest trends in mind when planning your photoshoot.

Props - props are such a fun way to express yourself and your new little one! You could hold your baby’s sonogram, an adorable outfit, or even a cute sign! “Watch for the BUMP”!

Family members - ask your significant other, BFF, or other family members to be a part of your photoshoot! Do you have a furry family member? You might want to include them too!

Outdoors - taking advantage of the natural beauty outside will only accentuate your maternal beauty! The stark contrast of rustic behind your glamor will only create an unforgettable image. Mountains, rivers, trees, or desert. Take your pick!

Glam - you might think, oh I don’t feel glamorous. But this is a time when your body naturally shines! An elegant sheer or lace gown is so easy to drape and will highlight your feminine curves. It provides a fairytale look.

Sunset Silhouette - a visually high impact focus on your beautiful baby bump. The strategy is to place the subject in front of a light source which forces the camera to capture the brightest part of the picture. The subject may seem dark but the highlighted image will stand out.

Your body changes drastically during this time which makes it even more important to document it for you and your little one. It is a moment in time you will want to secure in your heart and in images. 

Are you having a baby? Let help tell your BIG story!!!