Make Memories While Life Goes On

Make Memories While Life Goes On

Have You Stopped to Smell The Roses Lately?

Are you there? Well… Congratulations, you’re alive!

That means that no matter what happens, life continues on. Sometimes this is easy to forget with the everyday grind, and I often need to remind myself that every day we wake up is a gift.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the craziness that has ensued since, it’s hard to “see the good” - even as a business owner. In the midst of all the chaos it’s easy to give up on yourself and feel as if your work isn’t important, but please remember… THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Honestly, it felt like a dream, but I chose to wake up and smell those roses!

Your livelihood matters and no one is going to care about your business as you do - or at least will show it until you prioritize your needs and show that YOU still care. Life goes on, and you can jump right on in or stay out of its way…

So here I am, taking accountability for MY passion for photography and the growth of my business!

It took me a while to realize but I am the only one taking charge of my craft. I spent so many Saturdays (or frankly any day of the week) juggling how to make aliving and how to makea life,choosing my family before clients, or vice versa. It may seem sad, but it’s true.

If you are a business owner or find yourself caught up in the daily grind, please remember: you are in charge of your craft. You deserve to feel confident both in providing your service and without.

With that being said… Be sure to make those memories, as life will go on. Don't be afraid to hold back, to live to the fullest, and take those pictures! You don’t want to forget all the beautiful memories you’ve compiled in your lifetime, and your children, grandchildren, or GREAT grandchildren even deserve to share those with you too!

How will you choose to live life and reminisce?