Phoenix, AZ | Senior Session

Phoenix, AZ | Senior Session

To all my Seniors and Senior Families!! I want you to know that just because we are living in a different unfamiliar time (still feels different for me b/c I forget my mask every single time) we can still enjoy the moments and experiences and meaningful connections.

You take away all the things, cancel all the things like prom, events, graduation commencement, sports, tournaments, vacations, jobs, etc. but you can’t take away your talents, creativity, athletic ability, music skills, intelligence, spirituality, and humor and whatever else that makes you uniquely you. Things can’t replace meaningful connections, family bonds, friendships, and present experiences and moments.

It’s ok to be upset and feel all the human emotions to work through processes but don’t let the fear and anxiety rent space in your head with things that are out of your control. Instead focus on things you can control, like finding happiness in the midst of these circumstances. Spending more time with family and friends and building relationships. These are the things that CANNOT be taken away from you, memories! They say photos freeze time so take more pictures and document your life.

What do you want your Senior year to look like? End like? What will you remember? When you are adulting in the future, what will matter the most? Things, or meaningful connections? The people that showed up for you and supported you with love empathy and kindness?

Things can’t replace your memories!!! So document them accordingly :) To see the full gallery click here.

Peace and Progress