Posing Tips for Any Photo Session

Posing Tips for Any Photo Session

Let’s change your perspective on being in front of the camera both mentally and physically. Not everyone can look like Barbie, right!!! Not everyone is meant to be a size 0 with perfect curves and features. Even models that spend a lot of time in front of the camera know some tricks to help produce a flattering look. It’s all about angles! Whether you are voluptuous, plus-sized, petite, have green hair and 6ft tall, these simple things will help achieve a better appearance in your images!!!

Disclaimer: You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Everyone’s body type is beautiful. These tricks are intended to be posing tips to flatter your body, bring out your best angles because in the real world not everyone has the willpower, time, etc. to hit the gym, skip the lemon cookies and eat veggies all day, right?! Anyhoo, here are a few posing tricks to help with your next photoshoot.

1. Watch your posture.

Bring those shoulders back and show the girls and arch the back. No matter how good your posture is most people look hunchy in photos. So overexaggerate the posture. It may feel awkward, but I promise it will be great! When you arch your back you automatically tilt your hips back to give you more space between your legs. This also gives the illusion of a bigger booty and smaller waist.

2. Think of a turtle.

Push your chin and neck outward like a turtle. This will elongate your neck and thin out your face instead of it looking squishy.

3. Red Carpet or Baby Giraffe Pose.

Angle your body with one foot in front of the other. You see this a lot on the red carpet. You can also bring another element to this pose by getting on your tippy-toes. This is called Barbie feet because it slims the bod!

4. Lean away from the camera.

Angle your body with one foot in front of the other, put weight on back foot, and slightly lean away from the camera. This slims the belly.When I photograph I will say lean in towards me occasionally depending on what we wanting to achieve because it gives a more inviting connection. Each pose has its purpose.

5. Bend your limbs.

I don’t care how tiny your arms are, if your arms are flat against your body and facing the camera, the camera is just going to make them look bigger than they are! The best way to avoid this is by turning your arms away from the camera and bending them to create a little space.

6. Don’t stand totally straight.

Especially if leaning up against the wall. Bend one knee or cross the feet.

7. Tuck and bend when sitting.

Bend your arms and tuck your feet in or cross your legs or feet at your ankles. This just looks so much better.

8. Sit at the edge of your seat.

Do not sit back in your chair because you automatically slouch. Instead, scoot to the front edge of your seat and bend your legs and roll your shoulders back.

9. Angle high.

Have photographer shoot from high above. I do this regularly but again depends on what style I am going for. But the general rule is to shoot from a higher plane than the subjects.

10. Just have fun with it.

If you are not having fun, then you need some whiskey or wine!! Haha. I’ll be sure to bring these perks to the session. Unless you are not of age you cannot partake….sorry seniors! But I will have other goodies for you.

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