Prep Before Your Session

Prep Before Your Session

Prep, Prep, Prep before your wedding, engagement, senior, family, maternity, headshot, or any photo session.

Homework!! What?! YES…. do your homework before your photo session. I promise these tips will help smooth your photo experience. You have made the choice to invest and document these memories that will last forever so DO the prep work beforehand :)

  1. Talk with your kids about the photoshoot. If you scheduled a lifestyle shoot, talk about all the snuggles and kisses that will happen. Tell them this is going to be a time of snuggling and cuddling, hugging and kissing, holding hands and running. Ask them for ideas and talk about them. Giving piggyback rides, playing picnic and airplane, swinging and laughing and horsing around. As a photographer, I will let the kids lead the shoot from time to time so they feel important and get back in the game. This is a time to love on one another and we are going to document that!!
  2. Book your appointments a couple of weeks ahead of time. Hair cuts, highlights, etc. Please fix gray roots. Photographers are not supposed to spend hours on your gray roots. And if they mess up a hair cut you have a couple weeks to figure it out. I suggest not to do anything drastic but hey, if you want purple hair, go for it!! Purple is my favorite color. Dry bars for your hair the day of is a good idea. Or, you can hire a HMUA, hair and make-up artist. Same with facials and skincare routine. Don’t change up things too much, do start hydrating your skin and exfoliate a few days before your session. Most photographers can clean up skin so don’t worry about day of breakouts or fever blisters! It happens.
  3. Do not get a spray tan!!!! Tan naturally with sunscreen but be aware of your tan lines!!!! If you get usually get sprayed make sure you don’t look too orange!
  4. Don’t neglect your nails and toes, but more so your nails! Make sure to get that dirt out from under your nails… lol. Pamper yourself with a mani and pedi. You deserve it.
  5. Outfits…Check out for inspiration. Flowy dressy photographer beautifully. Just use as a starting point. Be true to yourself because if you don’t feel comfortable with what you are wearing, it will show in front of the camera. You can get creative with accessories. Big earrings, necklace or a hat! Suspenders on boys are so cute with bow tie and a fedora or a bright-colored tie. Make sure shoes are clean too!!! Organize outfits the night before so you aren’t scrambling the day of.
  6. Try to get a good night’s sleep so you don't have dark circles.
  7. Feed the kids well!!! I can’t stress this enough!!! Bring snacks and water and bottles for the babes. We don’t want hangry kiddos! Give dad some whiskey beforehand and go ahead and drink some wine!!
  8. Don’t forget about your props if you plan to use them: Blankets, sentimental toys, hats, etc. Wrapping the family in a blanket or sit-in got it will give variety to the shoot.
  9. Give yourself enough time the day of your shoot. However much time you need to get the family ready, double it.
  10. Relax. Have a drink and breathe!!! It’ll all be OK! Life is an adventure!

Cheers! Life is beautiful! All the imperfections make us human!

DK Brittain