Smoke Bombs and Other Unique Photo Ideas Scottsdale, AZ

Smoke Bombs and Other Unique Photo Ideas Scottsdale, AZ

Moms, Dads, Seniors, & Everyone,

I love a simple intimate photo sessions with my clients. BUT, sometimes a meaningful or just fun prop or place will make the perfect session for you. There are so many creative ideas and things to use. Here are some things that make sessions so fun!

-Smoke bombs. These create all kinds of cool visual effects. You can use real ones or ask your photographer if they have overlays. If you use the real ones just make sure you know the law and please don't leave your trash behind.

-Here is a favorite of mine! Selfie World in Scottsdale... LOVE this place and they have about 10 different decorated rooms!!! I went back in the spring and they change themes every month!!! 

-What about flower petals, tons of flower petals? With a milk bath session. You can do this with kids too.

-Bubbles make colorful prism effects.

-Paint War or water gunfight or balloon fight.

-Underwater photos are very popular. This would be perfect for swim team members.

-Incorporate a hobby, instrument, favorite toy, telescope, books, skateboard, bike, car, musical

-Favorite place to eat or get coffee or wine. You could do a street shoot downtown near your favorite place and of course inside the establishment. Paint studio, car show, the state fair, etc.

-BFFs and Fur sidekicks are always a good idea: Horses, dogs, cats, lizards, etc.

-Rain. Take pictures in the rain with a clear umbrella. This is really cool, especially at night!! Rain clouds are sunset are GORGEOUS!!!!

I hope I have inspired you to get creative about your shoot.


DK Brittain