Why Should a First Look be on Your Wedding Itinerary?

Why Should a First Look be on Your Wedding Itinerary?

Have you heard of having “first look” on your wedding day?

Along with many other traditions - or lack thereof - first looks are becoming increasingly more popular each day.... And I’m here to tell you about all of the perks in having a private photoshoot with your beloved on YOUR big day!

As a photographer, I believe it is extremely important to catch each and every genuine reaction - that includes those moments where not all eyes are on you.

A first look is such a special, intimate moment for bride and groom to share before you are officially wed. No familial pressure and no butterflies. Just the two of you and those pure, authentic emotions to flood in.

Warning: The waterworks WILL start, but I promise they will be happy tears!

With a first look, you’ll get more than just a 60-second walk down the aisle as well! You could ask any newlywed couple how fast their big day flew by, and they will be sure to tell you that it’s so important to be present in the moment. So why not take this time to soak it in together?

After exchanging vows, “I do’s”, and your first kiss as a married couple in your ceremony, the journey leading up to the reception is most definitely a whirlwind.

Next thing you know guests are pulling you in every direction, the DJ is lining you up for your first dance, then you’re partying the night away with all of your beautiful friends and family and moments where it’s just the two of you are far and few between. In choosing to set up a first look, you get the peace of mind knowing you have an additional opportunity to spend alone time together - not to mention looking fresh after getting ready!

Another perk of a first look is the settling of those pre-ceremony nerves! After sharing an intimate moment between the two of you, it’s time to fully embrace the ceremony vibes.

Soak in all the love that is pouring your way from your guests and enjoy that moment at the altar!

Last but not least, considering a first look on your wedding day will allow you to take bridal party photos and portraits on your time instead of cramming everything in following your ceremony. That means more cushion time following the ceremony for family photos, or something more artistic in style…

OH! And you will get to enjoy cocktail hour! Who wants to miss cocktail hour?

I hope this was some food for thought whether or not you choose to have a “first look” on YOUR big day! Still have questions? No worries, I’d love to help you decide what’s right for you and your significant other over some coffee sometime.


DK Brittain