Class of 2020 Will Survive

Date: 03/24/2020, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography


I have a Class of 2020 senior this year as we are enter uncharted territory for the nation. And as I sit here in self quaratini as I call it, I think to myself "This too shall pass." I am no medical expert, but I am equipped with knowledge about how viruses and illnesses operate. Social and physical distancing is a must and I have been practicing that as much as I can for my parent's sake. They are elderly with compromised immunes systems and we live just a few blocks away from each other. I have been supplying them with the essentials and some non-essentials :) with front door delivery service. We have not touched nor been inside the house for a while now. As for my high school kiddos, they are still content with playing their video games. I try not to raise entitled white boys, so the hubs and I are making them do more around the house. Video games are not a human This is a time for self-reflection about what is truly important. How are your relationships? Especially your relationship with God, your maker? OH yes... I brought Jesus my Lord and Savior into this post. I do have a relationship and commune everyday with Him. I do feel like I did let my boys down by not attenting church as often or praying outloud before dinner or at other times. But I am still here on earth to set that example for them. Their future is so hopeful. Am I sad because my senior may not walk the stage for graduation, yes. Am I sad that he won't get to go to Prom, yes. Am I sad that I don't get to see my Freshman play in his school volleyball games? of course! BUT, look at the grand scheme of things. They have life a head of them. This time of great self-discipline and this quaratine is temporary. The sacrificing we make today will effect our future and we will gain so much more. "For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it." ~Hebrews 12:11 And here's another one I like during this time. "A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls." ~Proverbs 25:28 Those 2 versus speak loudly to me. What about you? Now if I can learn some disciplines in my business practices that would be amazing... I do like to joke a lot, but I do take things serious. Serious enough to change my habits, but light hearted enough as to make me not go insane. I think God has a sense of humor. He has too. Look at all of us crazy people. :) As for the class of 2020, I pray that your dreams are fulfilled as His will be done! Cheers and stay safe. Peace and Blessings always. To see the full gallery click here.