Virtual Porch Wedding

Date: 04/20/2020, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

Funny story. This cute couple scheduled front porch poprtraits for during this crazy quaratine. They wanted to annouce a surprise to their friends and family. JoAnn came up with a cute theme and we shot it successfully. Somewhere in the middle of the shoot of course we are talking and getting to know one another better. She and Nate mention they are going to have a front porch zoom wedding that afternoon.....I'm thinking to myself if they have photographer or not so I ask. Nate was thinking the same thing and so we kind of say something together and he says done! you're hired!!! I am thrilled. I have never done a front porch zoom wedding but I am all over this. We finish up the family session which I can't post yet and I head home to make sure my batteries are charged, etc. 

Ceremony starts are 5 so I head back early to set up and take some detail shots. The porch was set up so cute! They have all their decorations, officiant on zoom, and family and friends waiting on zoom for everything to begin. Very casual but very simple and cute considering they prepped everything in a matter of days!! Ceremony begins! They get married via zoom!!! Congrats! We do cake and the typical family and friend photos that were present. Then I take them out to Veterans' Oasis to get this shot and some other Artistic images! I couldn't be more happy and I have really really happy clients that gave me the best compliments!! THey LOVE LOVE LOVE thier images and are ordering prints. They are planning on doing another ceremony in the future so theri family and friends from out of state can be there. JoAnn told me I was a camera GOd and Nathaniel said She is doing our next ceremony PERIOD!!! My heart is overwhelmed with love and gratitude! God placed us in each other's path for a reason and thank HIM! Can't wait for the next one. No date yet but can't wait!!! To see some more images click here!

Peace and Blessings always!