Whiskey and 30

Date: 02/15/2019, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

We celebrated a dirty 30 with some whiskey. Happy dirty thirty birthday to you! Look how gorgeous you look! I had so much fun planning this adult birthday session. No cake but we love whiskey more than cake! Not only was this gorgeous woman celebrating and documenting her journey into her 30s, she was also celebrating a new chapter in her life. Changes are inevitable and we need to make the best of them. Choose to celebrate the unknown and soak up the moments. Be present in what is happening in your life because life is really too short. We often don't slow down until it's too late and then we look back and regret. Take this moment to reevaluate the important things in your life and choose to make time for them. Parkinson's Law say if it's important enough then you'll make time, if not you'll make an excuse. I believe this to be true. I often make excuses for things not getting done. I am going to approch this year with a brand new attitude. I will stumble but I won't quit. I may fail but I won't quit. As long as I don't quit I am still successful! Happy 2019! It's my year. Make it yours too! Click here to see the rest of the gallery.