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Senior Portraits

Date: 05/30/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

Something about Senior sessions are so much fun! Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage - a milestone that is definitely one worth documenting and celebrating in many ways. Life will never be the same. They may leave home for college and the friends they grew up with. This is their last year of high school and their last year of truly being under their parents wings.  With a future and new experiences to face, adulthood and independent decisions, they will never see the world the way they do right now. Senior portraits are essential to remembering who they are at this moment in time.

We woke up @5 am to catch the morning sunrise and at Veteran’s Oasis. We had a blast roaming around that morning finding the best lighting. I am so thrilled at all the beauty and talent I captured. Congrats Elicia and to the class of 2018!

Karissa and Alan

Date: 05/28/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

Karissa and Alan are having a baby boy. Oh what a joy to bring a baby into this world and I got to capture all this cuteness. Karissa is a real life Disney Princess and this was the perfect way to document her maternity session. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s the movie “UP” I am all about themes so when she told me what she wanted I was all over it. Look at that baby belly bump. I know you can barely see it, but she was so adorable. This is their first baby and I am sure he will go to Disneyland more times in his first year than I will have been in my life. Congrats on your new adventure. It will be the best, most rewarding and important adventure of your life.

Bokeh and Turner

Date: 05/25/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

Meet Bokeh and Turner. Talk about killer names and I immediately fell in love. Bokeh is a photography term that is the quality of the portion of a photograph that is not in sharp focus. Adjusting depth-of-field, choosing the proper lens, creating custom bokeh, and using bokeh to relate with the foreground are techniques that you can use to achieve better bokeh. Too techy for you? Me too. Let’s talk about this Bokeh; isn’t he beautiful? And Turner? She is knock dead gorgeous! What a beautiful combination of sweet perfection. I cannot wait to photograph these beauties again.

Gilbert, AZ {Family Photography}

Date: 03/13/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography


Graduation Photo Session

Date: 03/09/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

It’s graduation season for the class of 2018 and that means that high school seniors are getting ready for their future by chasing dreams, finding passions and learning about the real world. I know it’s an emotional time for both teens and parents and graduation is a rite of passage for celebrating accomplishments and looking toward the future. Senior photo sessions are part of that celebration for capturing and remembering this significant time. Some say that High School is one the best times of their lives. I know it was for me, but back in the 80s and early 90s we didn’t do personal senior photos. We did of course have our yearbook photo taken, which is still framed and hung on my parent’s wall. All 3 of us kids are there happily hung on the wall.

This beauty’s mom contacted me for a Senior session. We strolled through the park capturing her sweet soul with a few outfit changes and a proud mama close by. Good luck to you Samantha. Be ready to be the person you’ve always wanted to be and what matters now is the work you put into your life. Take Care. xoxo

Matt and Carrie Engagement

Date: 02/14/2018, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

Matt and Carrie are engaged to be married and I had the honor of capturing all their love for this adorable engagement session. We woke up early to catch the sunrise and the weather was perfect. We walked around the oasis to take advantage of the various backdrops. The prickly pear is Carrie’s favorite. I love when my couples just go with the flow. Most of them tell me they don’t know how to pose or what to do. I prompt them a little bit and then catch them in a genuine moment. You really don’t need to know how to pose when you are being yourself. The best part of photography is when I capture those sincere moments in between all those Pinterest poses. Just look at how cute they are. Being in love is the best feeling ever!

Tiffany & Josh Photo Shoot

Date: 10/25/2017, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

"kiss you all over" is what reminds me of this engagement shoot. Tiffany, Josh had so much fun. They perused all over the park playing while I’ll secretly stalked them to capture it all (they had no idea I was there..haha.)

Josh & Tiffany || Arizona Engagement

Date: 09/18/2017, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

I met Josh and Tiffany when a friend of mine referred them to me for their engagement photos. I am so glad she did because look at the intense love and admiration that was

captured! Most couples I photograph are shy or awkward in front of the camera, but it didn't take long for Josh and Tiffany to warm up. Catching candid moments like these ones

you're about to scroll down to see, are what makes my sessions so successful and fun! We had a blast being awkward, silly and true. Typically men aren't huge fans of being

photographed, but Josh was a trooper and I was able to witness and document true love in true moments. True love doesn't come to you, ture love comes from inside of you.

It certainly came from inside of them both! True love lasts and has no ending. Peace!












Gilbert, AZ {Maternity Photography}

Date: 07/25/2017, Author: DK Brittain, Category: Photography

I always get excited, nervous and anxious before any photography session especially when you don't know if the weather is going to cooperate. A huge storm rolled in right before this maternity session. We planned on the Salt River and when I hopped in my car to go scout a new area out there, I saw really dark clouds coming from the NE where I was headed. I was torn between chancing it or finding a back up plan. My client really wanted water for her baby bump photos. After driving around for an hour and four phone calls with four different location changes, I decided we should shoot in the East Valley, Gilbert, AZ. They were coming from Scottsdale, AZ and the radar showed the storm was heading out my way so it made more sense to have them jam out near Chandler, AZ and try to beat the storm. She just had her hair and makeup done so the shoot had to go own. Plus her sister flew in from Georgia. As I brainstormed places and racked my brain about where there is water she could actually get into, it dawned on me. I took her to one of my favorite spots here in the East Valley. duh! It's no secret that I am a sucker for back lighting and sunflares so when the weather said partly cloudy I was jazzed. That's perfect photography lighting in my opinion. When the storm rolled in my ideas of sunflares and backlighting began to fizzle and I have to admit her sister and I were getting sad. BUT guess what?? We had the most amazing maternity session! Kasey rocked this session and the weather was perfect! For me, there is nothing better than to watch my beautiful clients be themselves while I capture pure oragnic and REAL candid moments like these. Winnig! Thank you Kasey and Krissy! and Thank you Jesus for always making things workout. 

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