About Me

About DK Brittain Photography

Hi ~ I'm DK (that stands for DarKanya), a quirky and fun-loving creative that is seduced by Pinot Noir. I eat sarcasm and Mexican food for breakfast and laugh for no reason. The hubs (Bobby) and I have been married for 19 blissful (haha) years and we have two incredible teenage boys. I taught Elementary Education in CA for 8 years before God gave us the opportunity for me to stay home with our amazing boys. Now I am a photographer living the dream!

My Style

I love creating with a perfect blend of light, vibrant color and airy artistry, using both natural light and flash as needed. I’m a sucker for backlighting and sun-flares while capturing candid and journalistic moments with some posing. The best times to shoot are early morning to catch the sunrise or golden hour, which is right before sunset.

What's in My Bag?

  • Besides tricks and candy, my main man Canon 5D MIV accompanied by my other back up Canon
  • My favorite lens 70-200 f/2.8 and other canon lenses
  • Lights as needed
  • Wedding bag for those days

Why Hire Me?

It’s not just custom photography, it's personal, and your story is frame worthy. I tailor each image with my unique style to articulate your story. We will have fun capturing genuine, organic moments and preserving moments with the ones you love most. I go with the flow yet pay attention to detail. I deliver above and beyond and fast! After you receive your images, I want you to say out loud, “I am so glad we did that!”